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... recording the stories of the LGBT community in Scotland

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Privacy Policy and Data Protection

In OurStory Scotland, we retain past correspondence and contact details to maintain communication with trustees, members and volunteers, to follow up collaboration and expressed interest in storytelling for the purposes of archiving, and in case we need to contact an individual to check again on their wishes in relation to archiving or presenting their contribution. Individuals can ask at any time for communication with them to cease and for their contact details to be deleted.

Data are stored on an individual computer in a secure private location, and backed up on digital storage, including a copy kept in a separate secure private location. In addition, data are stored on secure cloud storage, encrypted in transit and at rest. Only trustees and volunteers who have signed a confidentiality agreement have access to the data. Where paper versions are kept (in particular, legal agreements), these are stored in a secure private location, and (in the case of copyright agreements) may be passed to the archive where the participant’s contribution is stored. Data relevant for archiving is stored at the appropriate archive (e.g. National Library of Scotland) that is secure and compliant with data protection policy.

We do not process the data and we do not engage in group marketing except where individuals have given explicit consent to occasional contact about news and events. To facilitate this, we have developed a 'keep in touch' form, which not only includes consent to occasional contact about news and events but also makes it clear that this consent can be withdrawn at any time. On the basis of such consent, we may produce group lists (e.g. email groups) for the purposes of group contact.

We do not share the data with other organisations, nor even between individuals within OurStory Scotland, except where individuals working or communicating with OurStory Scotland have given permission for their contact details to be shared amongst themselves or with specific others, for example to enable direct contact by a named person for a specified purpose such as academic research.

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