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OurStory Scotland

... recording the stories of the LGBT community in Scotland

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In/Out: Crossing Boundaries

We come out in our sexuality
We come into the LGBT community
We cross boundaries of sexuality and gender
We cross boundaries when we link with new communities and make international connections
Coming out is coming in - into a community that can provide support where it is lacking elsewhere, or where disclosure to family and friends may prove difficult or dangerous
Our move to be out may mean moving away - to the city, to another place, another country [1]
To find each other, we move in, out and across - we traverse, we migrate, connect across boundaries, foster an international community
Welcoming in when left out...
Where left out of the dominant society, LGBT people cross boundaries of class, gender, age, disability, religion, nation, race and ethnicity, to include and support each other - integration through diversity.
In diversity - in a world of diverse sexualities, coming OUT should mean
coming IN...inclusion not exclusion
In Japanese, sexuality is often indicated by the word 'colour'. [2] In a multi-coloured world of diverse sexualities, LGBT people have adopted a flag that is rainbow-coloured to suggest our inclusive community.
OurStory Scotland
... collects the stories of LGBT people in Scotland. Many stories reflect a lifetime of moving in and out and crossing boundaries:
  • moving in and out of communities, nationally and internationally
  • moving into and out of heterosexual relationships, including marriage and children
  • moving into a politicised community or retiring into a smaller circle of supportive friends
  • moving across rural-urban boundaries and seeking the distinct support that each provides
  • moving into and out of Scotland - for some, Scotland represents an illiberal homophobic land from which you escape to Amsterdam, New York or San Francisco; for others, Scotland has acted as a liberal and supportive place, where cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh may offer you both the anonymity and the community that encourage an acceptance of your sexuality.

1. Another Country is the title of a James Baldwin novel that openly addresses same-gender desire. Baldwin never concealed his sexuality, and did not want to put limits on love: he said that he was open to love, no matter what form or gender it might take.
2. For example, Forbidden Colours, the title of a novel by Yukio Mishima.

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