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OurStory Scotland

... recording the stories of the LGBT community in Scotland

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Speaking of Our Lives

Recording Our Lives

From the outset, OurStory Scotland has been concerned to record the lives of the LGBT community in Scotland. We have undertaken extended audio recordings with individuals, in the established tradition of oral history. We have also undertaken several other types of recording, including shorter recordings, group discussions, storytelling performances and video diaries.

We are making summaries of our recordings, as recommended by the Oral History Society, and transcribing some extracts, especially for exhibitions. We are also concerned to archive our materials so that future generations can get an idea of how we lived. We hold oral history workshops and training sessions, and we have developed copyright clearance forms and lists of topics for use with our individual and group interviews.

Recording Our Lives

Oral History Recording of Edwin Morgan

Recordings are made in a variety of settings - individual and group, private and public.

Visual Recording to Support Oral History