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OurStory Scotland

... recording the stories of the LGBT community in Scotland

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Writing Episodes in OurStory Tent

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Online Storytelling

Inspired by the MOCO project (Mass Observation Communities Online: see right panel) we have now made available several ways for people to tell online about their lives. We devised a questionnaire that guides you through a number of questions and lets you write as fully or briefly as you want. In the spirit of Mass Observation, we have also designed diary and observation tasks that can be submitted online.

Remember to read our Terms and Conditions before submitting online. Your contribution may be made public! Clicking on the headings below will open a pop-up window to enable you to submit online (you may have to allow pop-ups for OurStory Scotland).




Here is a small sample of the contributions to the OurStory Scotland archive made through Mass Observation Communities Online

Questionnaire completed by 41 year old female Call Centre worker
I grew up in the city of Glasgow, mainly in the East End...
[ read in full ]

Diary for 12 August by 62 year old retired male living in Scotland
Chiswick en route to Edinburgh. I wake from a dream of having a deadline...
[ read in full ]

Observation by a 29 year old PhD student from Glasgow
I spent a couple of hours in a university cafe...
[ read in full ]

If you would like to contribute your story in another format, such as an episode, or with a particular theme, such as Love Out of Bounds, please contact us.

OurStory Scotland Archive

The collection of online contributions (questionnaires, diaries, observations etc.) will be archived at National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh. They form part of the OurStory Scotland Collection in the Scottish Life Archive.


Storytelling Online

Same Love

OurStory Scotland has been an active participant in Mass Observation Communities Online. This has enabled people to contribute material about their lives directly online.

>> see our contributions to Mass Observation Communities Online

Writing Episode in OurStory Tent